Tuesday, September 27, 2011

United States Elite Track Nationals...

Reminder, the Elite Track National Championships come to the Los Angeles Velodrome, beginning tomorrow. It is a chance to watch many of America's best track cyclists compete for the right to call themselves National Champion. It is also likely that, at least some of these same racers will be representing the United States during the London Olympics next year. Click here for basic information, here for more detail and to buy tickets for special Friday and Saturday events, or here for the schedule.

Well, that unfortunately settles it. I was hoping to make to the velodrome for at least one night. Thursday was the most likely and it just did not happen, and there is no possibility this weekend. Bummer, it should be quite a party tonight and tomorrow, with the biergarten and music, and all. It should be ripping. If you can't make it either, there are a couple blogs where we should be able to get our fill of recaps and photos; check Ride the Black Line, and trackosaurusrex, and of course the USA Cycling website.

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