Tuesday, April 12, 2011

$150.00, the price of revenge...

Ted Rogers posted this up earlier today on BikingInLA, after receiving an email from Bicycle Adivisory Committee vice-chair Glenn Bailey. I don't normally repost from Rogers' website because, frankly I figure anyone who reads my little blog, also reads his. However, I feel in this instance, a message needs to be made. The Northridge West Neighborhood Council (NWNC) is proposing that the City of Los Angeles encourage bicycle violator citations and reinstitute bicycle licensing, to the tune of $150.00 per bicycle. 

Granted this proposal has no chance of success, it is a mean-spirited knee-jerk reaction. It ignores all the evidence that has been presented in the past which have shown that the taxes and fees that bicyclists do pay is much closer to the true costs for construction and maintenance of roadway networks than is paid for by drivers of motor vehicles (link). Of course, I don't really believe this has anything to do with even the misguided desire to equalize costs; no, as far as I can see it is sly attempt to get back at bicyclists for having the gall to desire safer streets. To that end the Wilbur Avenue bike lanes were installed. Never mind that the lanes provide welcome relief, in the neighborhood through which they pass, from the speedway that existed prior to their creation. These same people who are making this proposal would not tolerate similar conditions in their own neighborhood, are alright with it as long as it takes place somewhere else. 

It is a disgusting double standard, and a disgusting blatant attempt to exact some vengance wrapped up in false economics. $150.00 is more than many people, including myself, pay for licensing and registration of a type of vehicle which does indeed require massive amounts of infrastructure and upkeep, contributes to widespread environmental degradation, and exacts enormous health costs to the public, whether they use that mode of transport or not.

It almost makes me want to live in that area again, just to go to tonights meeting to tell the NWNC how foolish and petty they look. If you do live in the area I would encourage you to go, pack the meeting and express your feelings on this matter. At least take a moment to send them an email at: board@northridgewest.org

Meeting is at:

Northridge West Neighborhood Council
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM
Beckford Elementary School
19130 Tulsa Street, Northridge, CA 9132

POSTSCRIPT: via BikingInLA seems to have been appropriately short and to the point.

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  1. Thanks for picking up the story and explaining why it matters, even if it never ha a chance to pass.


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