Friday, April 1, 2011

Claremont Bike Polo...

You have seen a lot of bike racing on these pages lately, but for a change of pace this evening, I thought it was time to check into the local bike polo, something I hadn't done since last year. I won't try to explain bike polo, there are folks who can do a far better job at it than I could. But I can give you my impressions. In its own way bike polo is fast, with short bursts of speed, a lot of stopping and starting. 

Winning is important, the first team to score five times gets the glory. But, it is just as much about having a good time. Drink some beer, talk some talk, and... 

Not everyone is even, there are veterans and newcomers. Doesn't matter, show up having never played a minute and you may just be asked to join in. Equipment is basic - a bike, pretty much anything will do, though gears won't do you any good, there is not time to shift between them. Mallets are often homemade, but you can also buy them online. I don't know of any dedicated courts around here, but a basketball court does fine; the one shown here is at Pitzer College. A couple pairs of cones to mark the goals. Two teams of three riders each. Men, women, does not matter, all you need to be is bold. All set.

When you are looking on, it can look like chaos on wheels. But pay close attention and you will notice a surprising synchronization, as riders turn and pivot in unison, give pursuit, and strike for a goal.

 Bike polo equivalent of a slap shot being served.


I've got some more photos here. And thanks to Joey for talking, you clearly like the game.


  1. I am going to have to check this out. Looks slightly dangerous but fun!

  2. I am always surprised they don't run into each other more often, and I think they would if I were out there.


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