Monday, April 4, 2011

From the archives: City of Commerce Podium...

from the year 1990. Women, obviously, but the category is unknown, as are the names of the racers. The City of Commerce Criterium was the annual race organized by the Chevrolet / LA Sheriff club (actually, I think at that time they were still known as the Law Enforcement Cycling Association - LECA). The first year I was there (1989?) as an unattached racer, I remember being impressed by the organization, and signed up on the spot. My first team.

The Commerce circuit was typical for a criterium, flat, four corners, revolving clockwise around a park/community center in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Nothing notable about it really, but it could be fast. I remember coming around turn four one year when the rider directly in front of me, for some inexplicable reason, went down. I was sure I was going to plow into his back, but he opportunely slid out of my way, and I continued on with a little extra adrenaline boost. Often times in racing the worst thing you can do is overreact, and sometimes the best is to do nothing at all. 

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