Saturday, April 30, 2011

Claremont Earth Day 2011...

or, "why do so many people drive to an Earth Day festival?" That was my son's question this day. We pondered it for a while, not really searching for an answer, just wondering. It is a little bit of de facto hypocrisy that we, unfortunately, expect. Sure a lot of people, like us, rode their bikes into the Village, and I am sure there are many who lived close by and walked. But, far too many drove, idled at the traffic lights, circled blocks in search of a parking spot. And that is a shame, especially on this day. It dilutes the essence, negates whatever thoughts of environmental concern, resource conservation, or visions of sustainability any of those drivers may have held. Anyway, it was an amazing day to celebrate - with food, with music, arts and crafts, with opportunities to learn. 

well at least some people understood the significance of the day

 cheers to droopy eared dogs

 portion of the festival exhibit area

 Claremont's Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee

courtesy of Pomona College, the average American family 
uses that many plastic bags in one year. That mass of bags is named schlumpy,
and schlumpy has a fan page

 one of the bands, I believe the Claremont Blues Society

 public water fountains you can play in are the best

 don't forget the bees. the current exhibit at Studio Claremont

Oh, I almost forgot. I rode my single speed today and had a student from the local middle school tell me it was cool. So, if you ever get to a point that you think you are too old to be cool anymore, at least you can ride a cool bike.

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