Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cafe de Colombia rides again...

Snapped this photo at CicLAvia. I didn't see Lance that day, but this guys bold choice of jersey, was instantly recognizable in the crowd.

This is another one of those back in the day posts brought to you courtesy of that unknown man shown above. Thanks to him and his old jersey or windbreaker, I am not sure which but, I am reminded of the Cafe de Colombia team (1985-1990) of professional racers who were always a threat to tear a race apart when the roads made their inevitable upward tilt into the mountains. Fabio Parra, Luis Herrera, Hernan Buenahora. Yes, the Cafe de Colombia riders were probably best known for their climbing prowess, and since I saw myself as belonging to a lower level of the exclusive mountain goat elite club, I would search through the results columns in VeloNews to see how they fared. 

I never did feel compelled to buy a jersey to affirm my support, but I did have a Cafe de Colombia waterbottle, which I used until the cap developed a crack, finally rendering it unusable. I have mentioned before how, on occasion, I like to wear one of my old team jerseys for the comments and recognition they get from fellow riders. So, here's to you, old Cafe de Colombia jersey wearing dude. Even with that green tee-shirt hanging out below, you have brought back some memories.

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  1. Followed them in the mid eighties, too. I still have now old Cafe de Columbia cap!


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