Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bad legs and another Xtremist at the Bowl tonight...

Apparently I brought the wrong legs with me to the Rose Bowl tonight. And the set I did bring were unwilling to pay the price for the privelege of riding in the bunch. The kicker is, it did not even seem to be that fast, but more slow and go than usual. On the plus side, while off the back, I did run into another old teammate from the Team Xtreme years, Marco; there are a number of us still in, or coming back to, the game it would seem - George, Kent, Tony, myself, and now Marco. Almost enough to reconstitute the team. Of course if we are finding each other while off the back, I guess that would not bode well. Maybe we should at least wait until we can finish all ten laps. That day is getting closer. Saying so makes it true.

lead riders go through, followed by the rest; no surprise there


  1. Comebacks are tough. Believe me I'm living it with you right now. check

  2. It may be tough, but there seems to be a lot of us attempting it right now.


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