Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The School Food Tour...

Pedaling for Healthy Kids. Very cool link to a worthy cause. Looks like she will be riding through Claremont, but not sure of the timing. I know some of Claremont's schools are incorporating gardens into their curriculum, and to supplement lunches with fresh foods. Any teachers interested in having her stop in for a half hour talk or so? Sounds good, check the link. 

The Tour will not begin until August, so there is plenty of time to plan, but I suspect the sooner you slot into the Tour program the better. People for Bikes interviewed Sara Salo, the rider behind the Tour, in February. If you missed it, as I did, you can jump to it here. Oh, and while there, if you still have not signed onto People for Bikes, it might be a good time. Original story at GOOD.

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