Saturday, April 23, 2011

Claremont Day of Champions recap...

bikes everywhere, all shapes and sizes

some of the spectators

Nicely run event today with various community groups contributing to making it happen, or otherwise participating. Local bikeshops, Coates and Jax, both had booths, the Claremont Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee, what I believe is a relatively recently formed Safe Routes to School organization, Claremont Red Cross, the Tour of California, Stage 7 organizing committee, the Claremont Spin Studio, and the Claremont Rotary were grilling burger and hot dogs.

 racing rims

all about the bikes and the people who ride them

 Jax employee demonstrating a track stand

 as i said, bikes and the people who ride them

 wiggle racing

in the spiral at the bike rodeo

impromptu maintenance

A couple rides got off to an earlier start, one led by the Inland Empire Women Cyclists, the other by Butts on Bikes; the riders arriving back a the event venue in the early afternoon. Wiggle and tricycle races took place almost continuously throughout the four hours,  and got a little rowdy during the later races, when representatives from the various organizations, and member of the City Council had their turns. There was a track stand competition at the Jax booth, a sort of hoop and stick race using bicycle rims, and the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group had a bike rodeo organized which brought a lot of smiles to the faces of participants. Everything else came to a halt though, when the bmx acrobatic shows took to the ramps and air. All eyes were fixed on the amazing aerial stunts of the two riders, Cory and Dustin, of BMX Skate Show. People rode in from all around town, and I would judge that everyone had a good time. Mission accomplished. I took a bunch of photos, and if you want to see more, click here.

 jumping the volunteers. yes the first person in the row is Tamera (she couldn't look)

 flying high

 flying high, again (thanks Ozzy)

 Corey of Coates, with Cory of BMX Skate Show

 Dustin hanging upside down

 Cory twisting

council members going head-to-head

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  1. Thanks for the shout out for the Community Ride we (Inland Empire Women Cyclists and Butts on Bikes)hosted during the Bike Festival. The Festival was a fun finale to our day!
    - Janet of Butts on Bikes, Inland Empire (BOBie's)


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