Sunday, May 15, 2011

Peace between Bedlam...

Finished up my first 200+ mile week yesterday in I don't know how long; I am sure it would be years, if I had the energy to check. Now I seem to be paying the piper for the privilege - woke up completely drained, upset stomach, maybe a slight fever. At least it was drizzling (at the time) and I didn't have to suffer the gloom of missing a good day to ride. Well, forward a few hours and the sun is out, the sky is blue, the temperature is warm and, the gloom descends. Go figure. 

It does give me an opportunity to look back at a few photos taken around town the past couple weeks and which I never posted up:

As for that peace and bedlam thing, the Colleges have held their commencement ceremonies this weekend [bedlam], so many of the students will be headed home for the summer and there is likely to be a little less hustle and bustle around town for a few days [peace]. It will be short lived, however, what with the TOC circus setting up their bigtop, midway, and everything else [bedlam] late in the week.

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