Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ghost Bike: Shantrel Kailyn Williams

Shantrel Kailyn Williams, May 1, Compton, California

victim of drunk driver


  1. Michael Thank you for this. A small group from Midnight Ridazz is erecting a White ghost bike at the site.

  2. Very cool that Midnight Ridazz are taking the initiative to get that done. If you have anything posted up on your website, I would like to link to it.

  3. There is a national "ghost bike" movement. Get an old bike, paint it white, and chain it to the site. This is like the little white crosses on the side of the road. People WILL think twice about how they pass a cyclist.

  4. I am so happy you did this. I knew this precious little spirit and what an honor to the life she lived. so happy and carefree.

    Thank you~


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