Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Barry Wolfe Grand Prix...

a few from the 35+ race

There was a little bit of a lot out in Woodland Hills today. I understand the first race was run on wet pavement; there was a little rain in the am. Middle races were pretty nice, but by the time the pro races got underway, first the women, then the men, it was seriously windy. There were at least two big crashes in the men's race which may have been a result of the wind. It was really howling, and every time the race turned a corner the wind would slam into the peloton from a different direction. The first crash occurred toward the middle of the race, and had a good ten riders lined up in the pit to jump back in the next time the bunch came through. The second crash was the game changer. It came with, was it one or two to go? and changed the outcome for a large percentage of the field, who were knocked out of contention. 

and a few from the pro/1/2 race

Alexi Martinez

Photos from the Women's Pro/1/2/3 race are here.
A very few photos from the Women's 3/4 race are here.
Photos from the Men's 35+ race here.
Pro/1/2 race photos here.

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