Saturday, May 14, 2011

GMR Fridays...

There were a few more people up there today, both riders and drivers. I wondered how many drivers were looking for the best spot to watch the TOC. I know at least one was because we talked about it. Not sure who the women's group was - they were coming down as I rode up. Oh, and to the driver of the white van (however small the chance that you see this) you are awesome. It would be nice if everyone were as conscientious and aware of what is going on around them. I am sure you are the same person I have seen driving GMR on each of the past four Fridays. You always slow, that's right slow, making sure the coast is clear of downhill traffic before moving wide around me to pass. Well, today you did that and more, patiently keeping a discreet distance behind me as the women rode on past and down the hill, before moving into the downhill lane to go by. I would nominate you for a good driver award if there was one to give.

In remembrance of Kevin Unck

A Baldy view. I wish all that yellow-flowered Broom
were not so invasive, I could easily enjoy it guilt-free

And yes, I am planning on a GMR Friday morning next week, the day before Stage 7 hits the same road, if anyone is interested, and has the time.

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