Friday, May 27, 2011

GMR Friday...

Things were warming up on the mountain this morning, temperature-wise I mean. Rolled up there solo, though there were plenty of other riders out, they were always going in the opposite direction. Felt better at the top than I did starting the climb which I always take as a good sign. I could have done without the racing motorcycles today, though. I don't normally have a problem with them, but today there was a group of four that were making multiple runs up and down the mountains; three of them were cool and throtled back when they came behind me, but the fourth guy (always in the lead) I guess had something to prove, and was just flying past every time. Other than that, it was a nice peaceful climb and descent.

They are faded now, but some of the chalk messages are still evident from last weekend. Though it doesn't look like it in the photo, this view is looking downhill, and someone's affection of Lars Boom can be read correctly climbing up. They are fading quickly.

Oh no, not another self-portrait. I had to throw this one in, as proof of my new, sleeker, moustache-less visage.

and even closer, to see what was reflected in my glasses. Have a good long weekend all. I am hoping to make it out to Woodland Hills on Sunday for the Barry Wolfe GP. Master's 45+ roll off at 9:35. Yikes!

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