Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tonight's Rose Bowl File...

The Bowl ride seemed especially car-full tonight. It seemed like there was at least one each lap that had to be avoided, swarmed around and then of course, being situated at the back, I had to sprint to stay in contact with the peloton. That's alright though, the extra work will payout later; if I were to comfortably sit in for the ride, it would not be nearly as good a workout. That is my secret, well used to be secret, strategy you know - hang out at the back for the work, sometimes even drift off the back for the extra work. Once my fitness has reached a certain level allowing me to do the entire ride, then I can consider sitting in and showing my face at the front. As it was I extended my stay in the group by another lap; it is good to spot Devon when on the edge - I can grab his wheel and be saved. Tonight it worked twice, but after that I became one of the many dropped.

 the tandem making things fast, and powering the break

emergency vehicles with flashing lights are never a good sight.
I heard they were for a roller-blader

camera is on


  1. Looks like it was a good event. Fantastic backdrop in that last shot....!


  2. The summer smog is not yet filling in the valleys, so last night did have a nice view of the mountains, and at that time in the evening the shadows were just about perfect.


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