Saturday, May 7, 2011

L'Etape du California Today...

Many photos to come, just a few here for now from the first few miles. Phil, thanks of spotting me and saying hello this morning; good to meet you. Richard, I didn't recognize you, dressed as you were, and without your bike - I thought Trish and you might have been doing this thing.

there was at least one World Champion present, can you spot him? can you name him? hint, photos of him have been posted on this blog before

Big Bill Walton right in the middle there, just as he was on the court

Claremont's mayor Sam Pedroza (left) on the first climb along Mt. Baldy Road

left arm in a sling, and still climbing

not everyone was on a svelt racing bike

Coates, representing

one of the more cheerful riders on the day. i caught a bit of a conversation she
was having further down the road about...what else, but coffee

the little break from the unrelenting slope ends here, time to start climbing in earnest again

Coates again

special award for doing it in boots

by the time the final riders of the final wave made it up to this point on Mt. Baldy Road, the sun was breaking through the fog. whether that was good or bad news i guess depends on you perspective

And back in Claremont as everyone rolled back in:

David Zabriskie (Garmin-Cervelo) being interviewed, along with a bunch of HTC-Highroad Team riders.
they will be back in two weeks

L'Etape du California volunteers

Cory, owner of Coates with Dave Lettieri, owner of FasTrack Bicycles

cool Molteni jersey, to honor the start of the Giro d'Italia today, perhaps?

tan                         line

why not give a big old salute/air punch to finish up

Link to the rest of the day's photos here.


  1. Hi Michael,

    Could I use the photo of me for my profile picture for a while. I will give you and your blog site all the credit of course.

  2. Of course, which one was it? I notice you were in a couple.

  3. Thanks Michael, it's the third one down.


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