Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bike rack surprise...

 outside the Village Grill

on 2nd Street

Implementation projects related to the city's Bicycle Priority Zone continue. Apparently this morning is the first time I have been into the Village since last week. In those few intervening days, bike racks have sprouted throughout the area like mushrooms. They are all along Yale Avenue at corners and multiple mid-block locations. They can also be found on the side streets leading off from Yale, and in the Village West area. On the west side of Yale, between 2nd and Bonita there are seven racks alone, in five different locations. By my estimation at least 50 new racks have been installed.

 Bert & Rocky's

 Rhino Records

Some Crust Bakery

 Laemmle Theatre and 425 Lounge (new and old racks, with two more new ones in the background)

Back Abbey

In related news, the Claremont Courier is reporting that work has begun on the Citrus Regional Bikeway, which will traverse the city in a east / west direction, and connect to the Pacific Electric Trail in San Bernardino County. The Bikeway will convert Bonita Avenue, which is currently two lanes of auto traffic in each direction, into a street with one lane of auto travel and one bike lane in each direction, with a turning median. The city is hoping this project will be completed  by late April, in time for the l'Etape du California on May 7. Expect to see photos of the progress here over the next couple months. The Courier is also reporting that bike ridership has seen a 20% increase over the previous year.

As a little update, city councilman Sam Pedroza, has kindly provided a link summarizing the recent work - this week, perhaps by the end of the next week, we should see newly painted lane lines and sharrow symbols on our local streets. 


  1. Nice pictures of the new bike racks. I included the story on the bike racks and bike priority zone on my facebook page here:

  2. Wow, you are up late - all part of the election process I guess. Keep up the good work.


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