Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slow Sunday Scenes from the Village...

I was really intending to do a long ride this morning, or maybe a mountain bike ride through Bonelli with the Psycho-List group, but things don't always work out the way we plan. Instead of either of those two options, I was served up a slow Sunday morning. And you know what, it worked out fine. Breakfast at the Grill, the farmer's market, and talks with a couple city council candidates.

one week later and Valentines is still going strong:

 side by side, walking:

 side by side, riding:

 tie-dyed and single speed:

 water fun:

 the perfect vehicle for the farmer's market:

 woof, woof:


 cross traffic:

and finally, I in no way suggest that you cast a vote simply based upon whether a candidate rides a bike, there is after all more to consider, but...

here are two of our local city council candidates who do ride,

Sam Pedroza, who was on his son's fixed gear today
(I have made several mentions of seeing him riding through town in the past, he has been very instrumental in advocating for bike enhancements in the city, as well as the future Gold Line extension): 

and, Michael Keenan, one of the few people who spends more time on a bike than I do
(got to like the mobile campaign sign hooked up to his bike):

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