Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From the Library: UCSB, 1987...

So, I was doing a little cleaning out in the garage the other day. Actually sorting through all the plastic containers full of the books that don't fit in the house, trying to organize them, make things easier to find. Anyway, I came across my La Cumbre, UCSB's yearbook, from the year of graduation. Yes, it was that long ago. University and college campuses have long been bastions of cycle mobility and UCSB, as I have mentioned before, is certainly no exception to the rule. I was flipping through the pages and rediscovered a section of these little vignettes:

As you can see, a number of them involve students and their bikes. They are an interesting reflection on student life, some probably even recount actual incidents. The student / bike connection tends to be pretty strong during those years, especially at a school like UC Santa Barbara. I wonder, for how many of those people from 1987 that connection continued past their university years. I bet that guy in the last photo still rides; he is having way too much fun.

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