Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cycling Claremont: Transit Center Bike Lockers...

not to be confused with the Bikestation located at the Depot, are the 18 lockers located at the Claremont Transit Center parking lot which is accessed from 1st Street, just east of College Avenue. The lockers give a little additional added security not afforded by a simple rack. There is also a pole mounted camera in the parking lot with a clear view of the lockers and, I have seen a security guard in the lot. 

Unfortunately I do not know who owns and manages these lockers. At first I thought perhaps Metro but, the Metro Bike Map which shows the locations of bike racks, lockers and Bikestations along Metro lines does not show the existence of any lockers in Claremont. Likewise for the "Racks and Lockers Map" on the Metro website. Then I thought, maybe they are owned by Metrolink, since the parking lot signage clearly says Metrolink Claremont Transit Center Parking. Web-searching turned up nothing. Of course the location of these lockers would suggest that they are mostly intended to serve bus users of one of the Foothill Transit lines that come through here, while Metrolink riders are more likely to use the racks or Bikestation located at the Depot. So, perhaps they are actually owned by Foothill Transit. More questions than answers right now, I am afraid. It would be quite useful if there were a simple sign at the lockers listing relevant information, such as, who manages the lockers, how one can be rented, and where do I pick up the key. As it is right now, if someone wished to find out about the lockers, they would have to do some searching around; there does not seem to be anything readily available. I will need to make it a point to stop in at the Depot to find out if they have the answers to these questions there. 

Update (10 February) I had a conversation this morning and was informed that the lockers are managed by the city, and can be rented by contacting City Hall. I was also informed that, when they were installed many years ago, they were rented out by homeless individuals since they provided inexpensive, dry shelter. Since the opening of BikeStation at the depot demand for the type of secure bicycle parking has shifted away from these lockers. 

The bus shelters of the Transit Center. The bike lockers are located
a few hundred feet beyond the furthest shelter


  1. I just spoke with City Hall about the parking lot lockers. They said I could just come by and pick up a key for a locker, the only cost is a $30 security deposit.

    1. And no monthly or annual rental fee? Sounds like a pretty good deal for piece of mind. Thanks for sharing the info.


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