Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dare to Race GP 2011...

the 13th Annual, today presented by Pacific Sunset Velo.

Men's 50+ race:

Mark Hoffenberg, victorious

Women's Pro/1/2 race:

Jennifer Valente, victorious

Men's 45+ race: Fast, you betcha. Consider who was in it, Steve Hegg, former Olympic Gold Medalist, Thurlow Rogers, former Master's World Champion, Richard Meeker, former National Champion. And they are my competition. Thats all.
Meeker throwing his bike to take a prime ahead of [?] and teammate Rogers.

 Hegg (l) and Meeker

Craig Miller, victorious

This young woman won the women's Pro/1/2 race; pretty good right? Then you watch as she does a roll-out for the official, and you realize she is still a junior. Now you're impressed.

Fun to go to races after some number of years and see people from long ago. Ray Moreno and I were both with the Chevy/Sheriff club in the early 90s.

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