Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roger Milliken Memorial Criterium 2011...

I thought people were supposed to slow down as they got older. Not those who race bikes, let me tell you. That 45+ race seemed every bit as fast as any 30+ race I ever did back in my prime. Let me also tell you that after 10 years away from the sport, that realization was quite a shock to the mind and the body. Of course, many of the racers are same, so it shouldn't have been too surprising. If anyone wants me, I will be doing intervals for the next couple weeks in preparation for Ontario.

single file through turn 2


the women (Pro, 1-3) single file through turn 1

finish of the Masters 45+ race

break in the Masters 35+ race

while the cameraman hurries out of the way, Chris DeMarchi, wearing the National Champions Stars and Stripes jersey (far right) punches the air in victory

it is not good when bodies and bikes go flying every which way. Mens Cat 4 race, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Incidentally, there was a horrendous crash in the Pro womens race as well, and I hope everyone heals quickly.

Lest we forget, lets salute some locals (be they riders or teams):
Coates/Back Abbey Cycling Team

(just plain) Coates Cycling Team (dead center)

Claremont Colleges Cycling Team

and Ralph, who has been doing this for oh so long

slideshow for Cat 4 men
slideshow for Cat 3/4 women
photos for Masters 35+ men
photos for Pro, 1-3 women
photos for Masters 45+ men
photos for Masters 50+ men

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