Friday, February 4, 2011

From the archives: What are friends for...?

if not to take embarrassing photos on race road trips?

The year was 1994. For my annual pilgrimage to St. George, Utah for the two-day, three-stage, Tour of St. George, I invited some friends, also racers, to make the trip as well. Never expect things to go according to plan (your plan) when traveling with a group. Six racers, six bikes, two cars, one motel room. Late start, late night, the race was a bust. The problem was that we had different agendas; two of us were there to race, the others were there for the road trip and, for them, the racing was secondary.

The Tour of St. George, some years also known as the Tour of Hurricane, and the Chums Classic, ran for a number of years in the 1990s, and consisted of a 36 mile road race (Gunlock road race) on Saturday morning, and 5 mile hill climb time trial in the afternoon, and then a somewhat technical criterium (technical in that there were many turns) on Sunday morning. I made the trip six years straight with variable results including some top 10 finishes. Most of the races we do during our "careers" are local ones and rarely require a trip of more than a couple hours. Everyone should take a road trip, though, at some point; it is a different experience entirely. But if you go with a group, be sure to hide the cameras before you go to sleep. You can bet the bunch of bastards jokers made the most of this.

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