Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fluff photos...

Because I have been attempting to get a little extra research done these past couple of days, I have been putting up what I tend to call "fluff posts", the kind that don't really require a lot of thought; mostly just photos taken during the day or, like yesterday, something seen elsewhere on the web. 

Now, I use the term fluff half jokingly. Anytime you can show, or document, people getting around by bike on a daily basis, and doing so without the use of a motor, is contributing to the greater good. I am a believer in the thought that motors are overused in today's society, from the obvious ones in our autos, to the ones that blow leaves into the street, to the little ones in our toothbrushes. We (society in general) tend to view these as making our lives easier, when in fact all they really do is provide convenient shortcuts. Sooner or later the bill is going to come due for payment, it could be a health issue resulting from a over-sedentary lifestyle, or any number of other health, economic, or environmental consequences. One way to rebel against this over-motorization is to use a bike (or your feet) for the various little errands we all have to do at some point during the week. As inspiration I present you with these images of people doing just that:

Finally, there is this new little exhibit up at the location mentioned in a previous post. This one has a bit of an ocean theme going on:

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