Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Men: 2011 Redlands Bicycle Classic Prologue...

Funny thing about taking photos at events like this - even though you are close enough to the action to feel the draft off riders racing by, you still sometimes miss what is right in front of you. WTH do I mean? Today I saw Alexi Grewal race by, and I saw Raul Alcala race by. But at the same time, I did not really see them. Usually when I take photos I am focused on overall composition, making sure everything I want to be seen fits within the frame, and rarely narrow that focus to someone's face. Now, I followed the careers of both these men back in the day, so looking back through the photos, I can recognize them, so it is really only thanks to the camera that I can say, yes I saw Alexi and Raul, and many others race by. 

Victor Riquelme, of Wonderful Pistachios.
The tatoos under his eyes are pretty wild.

Raul Alcala, riding with Herbalife/LaGrange this weekend.

Alexi Grewal, riding for Swami's this weekend.

Rahsaan Bahati

The day's racing was definitely worth the little trip. There was just a small, but enthusiastic crowd cheering everyone up the last few hills of the course. I expect the racing over the next three days will be even more exciting. Oh, I almost forgot, Francisco Mancebo won the day, with a time of 9:39, Ben Jacques-Maynes, second at 9:40, Chris Baldwin, third at 9:42, Andy Jacques-Maynes, fourth at 9:48, and Luis Amaran took fifth at 9:49.

Slideshow for the men's prologue is here. Again, if you want to see them in the order that they came up the hill, click reverse order when the show pops up.


  1. Thanks for the photos and good read

  2. Thanks for the photos. Almost as good as being there. Alexi is posting his Redlands expeience on Facebook at The Alexi Grewal Story.

  3. I used one of the photos on my blog, hope you don't mind (and if you do, I always have my iphone photos to fall back on ;) ).

  4. No worries, you're welcome to it. I assume that is you, I always like knowing who the heck I took a photo of.


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