Sunday, March 27, 2011

San Dimas Stage Race 2011, Stage 3 Criterium...

I was looking forward to some warm sun today, but instead we got a little drizzle in the early morning hours, and as a result the course was wet for the Junior 17/18 and 15/16 race: 

After that first race though, the pavement was dry, and the sky somewhat sunny. The Men's Category V race was next, with Clinton Hostetler (yellow) and Ryan White (green) attempting to hold on to their race leaders jerseys for one final day:

Coming into the final stage Jeff Block of Ritte Racing was wearing yellow, and Steve Boniface of Monster Media / SC Velo was wearing Green. Both kept themselves in the action to the very end.

The Men's 45+/55+ race kicked-off with a neutralized lap in remembrance of Kevin Unck, and led by his teammates of the Coates / Back Abbey team. Where else but in a combined field could you see two Yellow Jersey wearers racing side by side?

As usual, the Men's 35+ race was set to be one of the fastest of the day. Kevin Klein in the Yellow Jersey, and Adam Livingston in Green, raced at the front all day to defend their top placings. Also up there for the entire race was Chris DiMarchi in the Stars and Stripes. At the end of the day it was DiMarchi blasting across the line with room to spare:

Not to be outdone, the Men's III race was also nice and fast, with Matthew Walther unleashing a monster sprint at the end to win going away:

Always one of the popular events of the day, the kids races saw Chris DiMarchi providing an honor escort to the victor of the older group of future champions.

As usual, click reverse order for all slideshows after you make the jump to view them in correct sequence.

Slideshow for the men Cat. V race is here.
Slideshow for the combined Masters men 45+ and 55+ races are here.
Slideshow for the Masters men 35+ race is here.
Slideshow for the Juniors 17/18 race is here.
Slideshow for the men Cat. III race is here.
Slideshow for the kids race and other misc. photos are here.
Slideshow for the men Cat. IV race is here.

San Dimas Stage Race 2011, Stage 3 Criterium, Masters from Michael Wagner on Vimeo.


  1. Michael, I live in Pomona and ride both MTB and Road. I have a blog, We ought to get together someday and ride. Send me an email,

  2. Hey, I have visited your blog before. Thanks for the reminder about it, I do like it. I imagine we can find some riding time.

  3. Hi Michael,

    Your SDSR race reports are good. I would like to put links them on the SC Velo SDSR Recap page ( ). Is that OK with you?

    Bill McCusker
    SDSR Media Coordinator

  4. By all means, and thank you.


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