Thursday, March 10, 2011

7-Eleven and bike racing...

Most people in the US, Canada and Europe who follow the sport of cycling are familiar with the 7-Eleven sponsored American cycling team which rose to prominence in the 1980s. But how many know that they are still involved in the sport - as a team sponsor in the Philippines. I was reading through the daily stage recaps (stage 3 link) of the Jelajah Malaysia, on Bike News Asia, when I noticed the photo below:

to respect intellectual property rights of the photographer
this image has been removed
(it can still be viewed at BikeNewsAsia)

Did a little quick web-search and found that their official name is the 7-Eleven Racing Team by Roadbike Philippines. They have apparently been around for a number of years, have a Facebook page (inactive since late last year), and a Flicker pool. This is probably not news to all the Philippine readers of the Claremont Cyclist, but it was a surprise to me. Of course I was unaware that the Tour of Malaysia was taking place right now either - I guess VeloNews and VeloNation need to broaden their scope, because the photos make the racing look quite spectacular.

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  1. Hi;

    I am both the owner of this image, and the owner of the website - if you intend to steal images - at least have the manners to ask first!

    Steve Thomas


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