Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Upcoming: San Dimas Stage Race...

Just a reminder that the San Dimas Stage Race runs this weekend. If you want a little preview of the Tour of California before it arrives at the end of May, a little taste of the action, this smaller race is as good as it gets - and that is quite good. Time trial on Friday morning up Glendora Mountain Road, road race at Bonelli Park on Saturday, and a multi-turn criterium in the downtown area of San Dimas on Sunday. The Sunday stage offers the best opportunity for spectating as the peloton careens around corners on multiple laps before the sprinters line up to make one final charge to the line. There are plenty of grubberies nearby to grab a bite to eat, so you can make a daylong event out of it, or a few hours. 

Don't neglect the possibilities on Saturday though, especially if the weather is right; Bonelli Park with Puddingstone Lake at its center is a great locale for a family outing, picnicing, boating, mountain biking, horseback riding, kite flying, or just hanging out to watch the action. The peloton will circle through the park with three categories racing on the course at the same time, the racing will never be far away. Choose your favorite spot to watch - bottom of the big hill where the fastest speeds will be reached, on the rollers where attacks may be launched, or as the bunch crosses the dam with the blue lake waters spread out as backdrop. A few photos from last year and a very brief post are here. There is a good weekend on tap in San Dimas.

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