Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Women: Redlands Bicycle Classic, Prologue...

HOT. While I could use that word to describe these racing women, I actually am using it in reference to the temperature today. It was hot, probably in the 90s (that's Fahrenheit, sorry everyone outside the U.S.), but thankfully the racers did not have to battle the wind, which can often be quite malevolent  in this area. The 5km (3.1 mile) prologue course ended with a series of short, steep hills, leading to the hilltop finish. Some racers were clearly going better than others, and I think that when the final times are made available, that will be evident. 

Signs just kind of say it all, don't they.

Herbalife - LaGrange rider on the penultimate hill

A welcome sign.

Amber Neben, fresh from her victory at San Dimas last weekend.

Kristen Armstrong, like Neben, a former World Champion.

Well, there you go - Velonation has already posted up results for the women: Amber Neben took 1st in a time of 11' 12", with HTC teammate Evelyn Stevens 8 seconds back, and Erinne Willock (TIBCO - To The Top) third at 13 seconds back. Andrea Dvorak at 30 seconds, and Kristen Armstrong at 34 seconds, rounded out the top 5 places. The slideshow of photos from the day is here. Click reverse order, to view them in proper sequence.


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