Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rolling the Green Hills of Claremont...

Like most of southern California, the slopes of our Claremont Hills Wilderness Park are reawakening from winter's slumber and are busy growing out their green mantle. Hopefully sometime this next month highlights of wildflowers will be added to the tapestry. For now though, just enjoy the many shades of green.

Rolling the Green Hills of Claremont from Michael Wagner on Vimeo.

I have been so involved with my comeback to road racing lately that I have neglected the dirt trails around here. The recent rainy periods, with snow higher up, along with the usual morning and weekend CHWP crowds, have not exactly helped either. Anyway, I convinced myself to roll out on knobby tires yesterday morning instead of skinnys. I have always heard that mountain biking will help your climbing on the road, but yesterday I realized that it works the other way around too. All the road miles I have been riding lately have greatly improved my fitness - I don't think I have ever had an easier time up there.


  1. fantastic rolling view of a california i do not know from an ex california girl now living in london! Thank you! x

  2. Thanks expat California girl. I dare say it is probably a bit more brown up there by now, although nice wildflower show.


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