Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rose Bowl Tonight: One In, One out, One On, One Off...

First official night of the 2011 season so the crowd was out. Pretty fast, but it will get faster. 

I never used to like it when the tandems were out, but in this comeback year I have come to realize that there is a certain advantage to them. They are kind of like the rabbit, they get the pace going really fast as everyone chases them, and that is good work, the kind of high tempo stuff I need right now.

One in, one out, one on, one off. That's my strategy to facilitate my comeback, and best of all, it is applicable to anyone from first-timers to returning veterans. What it means is you go as long as you can, as hard as you can. If you get dropped continue to cruise around, when the peloton laps you, jump back in and do it again, and then again, if necessary. Soon your legs will get used to the speed, your stamina and fitness will increase, five, six, seven laps on will become nothing extraordinary. And then all ten laps no problem. If you want to speed up the process spend your time at the back. Other than spending the whole night at the front, the back is where you get the most work. If you are feeling especially confident go ahead and fall off the back and then chase back on, but make sure you are actually at the back first. Then when you are strong enough go ahead and sit in, do some work at the front. It's a building process. I have done it before. I will get stronger each week.

Now down to some business. I was in the right place at the right time, the rider in the yellow jersey in the photo below, was not. The Four gave their first night speech before the ride commenced imploring everyone to follow the rules, ride safe, stay out of the pedestrian zone. If the peloton comes up behind you just stay to the right, hold your line, and we will go past. No one is going to run into the back of you. Keep a straight line, yes; swerve into the pedestrian lane because you think you are getting out of the way, no. It is the sudden movements like that which cause the problems. 

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