Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rain, and then...

We have had a few days of brilliantly clear days, cold mornings giving way to cool afternoons. Many of the other local bloggers have been quick to point this out, either in words or by photos. Days such as these when you can see across an entire valley, from mountains to sea, or vice-versa, are such a pleasure simply because they do not occur all that often. Nearly everyone looks forward to getting back out into the sun, it is predictable. Almost as infrequent are the rain days that precede days like the past few clear, sunny ones. On these days it is often interesting to get out and see how people are reacting. 

What I saw, of course, were people getting on with their lives. Good to know that Claremontonians are not just fair-weather cyclists. Oh, and just a little shout out to one of my favorite local coffee stops, the Last Drop Cafe, when I dropped in on the wet morning I took the above photos, they were especially cheerful and agreed with me, that rain and all, it was indeed a good day to ride.

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