Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woohoo, coming back...

Two consecutive nights on the Rose Bowl Ride now this year; maybe I was premature with that RB history thing. After last Thursday I thought it would be cool to make it out there once a month, now after tonight, I don't think I will be satisfied unless I am able to join the peloton once a week. The rush, it gets into your blood, or maybe it is always there, dormant but watching, waiting to reemerge. 

new year, same blurry problem with the photos. this is the break that powered away

A couple observations from tonight: 1. Dorothy Wong, SoCal cyclocross organizer and racer is also super fast on the road, 2. a ton of people I knew/knew of in the 1990s still do this thing, and do it better than me. My hope is that they have been doing it continuously, and that I but need a little time to relocate my racing legs. Though my mileage is up dramatically over what it had been the past few years, I am still deficient in speed work - that is where this ride comes into play, and the Bud's ride, which I believe should be starting shortly?

the peloton, chasing (I am hoping it was only the final lap I missed, in order to snap a few photos.
I was never very good at keeping track).

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