Friday, March 4, 2011

Eric Clapton, bicycler...

Apparently the musician stopped into Feal Mor's stylish apparel cum vintage bike digs in Los Angeles recently. This, according to Dale of the Velo (World's Smallest Bikeshop) who has provided many of those sexy two-wheeled prizes to drool on within the doors of Feal Mor. Much (at least some) of the conversation revolved around bikes. J.P., the proprietor of Feal Mor, is himself, no slouch when it comes to an appreciation of all things two wheels. I would have given up a portion of my day to be present at that interchange of words.

Anyway, that got my interest flowing, so I did a little search, found the above photo which was on Cyclelicious last year, and and a little bit from Bike Snob NYC from a few years ago.

inside Feal Mor, from their blog (link above)

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