Friday, March 25, 2011

San Dimas Stage Race 2011, Stage 1 Time Trial...

Even though rain would have made for some interesting photo opportunities, I imagine most of the racers were happy that  it had ceased falling earlier in the morning and that the course, for the approximately 4 mile time trial up lower Glendora Mountain Road, was mostly dry.

I staked out a spot maybe 1/2 mile up from the start gate which gave me a view back down the road, taking in a couple bends with lower hills and the valley beyond. There was a bit of an increase in the grade, so I hoped that that would prompt a few of the racers to rise out of the saddle. It did, but since the steepest part of the course had to be tackled further along, most of the riders stayed in the saddle, some very relaxed with their arms resting on the bar tops, while others charged by in the drops. Interesting to compare. This race has really grown in stature over the years, judging by the number of riders who had either rainbow stripes or the red/white/blue stripes, identifying them as former world or national champions in the time trial discipline. The next couple days of racing should be brilliant. 

 in need of a photographer? this guy seems qualified.

 alright, those ear plugs just freak me out.

who travelled the furthest? I am guessing that would be 
Pure Black Racing, from New Zealand.

San Dimas Stage Race 2011, Stage One Time Trial from Michael Wagner on Vimeo.

Slideshow from the women's categories can be found here.
Slideshow for the Juniors 17/18, and men categories 4 and 5 are here (mostly Juniors).
Slideshow for the men 35+, 45+ 55+, Cat 3, and Cat 2 are here.
Slideshow of a few misc. photos from the day are here.

Keep in mind (if you view the slideshows) that Photobucket seems to be having some trouble saving in correct order. The women's slideshow is fine, but the others you should click reverse order when viewing to put them in correct order. Thats it for stage 1.

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